Twitch streamer recorded shooting outside her window during ongoing broadcast

One Twitch streamer heard gunshots during a game. It quickly became clear that a shooting was taking place by her windows.

Strange situations sometimes happen on Twitch. In this case, while playing Cult of the Lamb, the streamer heard gunshots. One must admit that this is quite unusual for TTV. The streamer lives in Chicago and, as it turned out later, it was no joke.

The shots were real, and no one was hurt, at least officially. At the end, a car can be heard driving away. No police or ambulance appeared on the scene, and no one even reported it.

The shooting during the stream

The streamer later commented that she was surprised and basically didn’t know herself what had just happened. The clip naturally gained popularity rather quickly:


This story is unlikely to have any continuation. It happened, people watched and that’s it.