Twitch streamer perfectly describes the chat when any bre**ts appears on the screen

One rather popular streamer decided to make a joke, and it quickly went viral.

One streamer, during an IRL broadcast, came up with a rather interesting comparison that immediately became popular. Often on streams featuring women, people actually behave in a very specific way.

The emote “BOOBA” is one of the most used on Twitch, and it is unlikely to come as any special surprise to anyone.

Streamers and chat

Jinitty herself often takes a rather humorous approach to such matters. Her bans have been so absurd that there probably aren’t any worse anymore. At one time TTV suspended her for dangerous scooter riding.

In any case, the comparison of feed and fish to chat and streamer apparently fits Twitch perfectly.

Well, that’s the way it is in many cases, especially on broadcasts where looks and the body are the main course that everyone focuses on.