Twitch streamer banned for swimsuit that didn’t cover up anything

Twitch has taken serious aim at streamers who were convinced that simply putting a pool in the room was enough to avoid bans.

Pools work better for some, worse for others. This particular streamer wasn’t able to get more people interested, and this was despite broadcasting from a pool. Her adventure began as early as 2021, and in total she has over 100 hours streamed in the pool category.

Her statistics show that recently the average number of viewers has increased. In fact, she was normally watched by a few dozen people at a time, only to have this rise to more than 130 at the last broadcast.

What changed? The swimsuit. People started watching because the streamer chose one that covered practically nothing. Momentary popularity did not pay off very well, because it translated into a ban – it is not clear for what period.

Ban for swimwear

Bans for swimwear are no novelty on Twitch. Only in recent months have several of them appeared. For example, one of the streamers tried on her swimsuits and one was definitely quite tight fitting if you can call it that. Clip without censorship – CLICK.

During these streams, sometimes there are completely random slip-ups, like the one with showing more than Twitch allows. The girl had many slip-ups. A version without censorship – CLICK.

But back to the streamer, who has just been banned. Unfortunately, as standard, we can’t show the whole thing here, so we refer you to our website – CLICK.

Twitch has begun to respond to all this by simply banning channels that overreact or are clearly hoping for publicity. These bans are not any particularly severe, as most are granted for 7 days.