Twitch streamer banned for providing this information about her donators. Massive criticism

The Twitch streamer couldn’t stand it and, after an unpleasant donation, decided to reveal information about the person from whom she received it.

Nadia is a rather popular streamer who was banned, and interestingly enough, she herself didn’t quite understand why. People were very critical of her behavior, especially since Twitch decided to unban her after less than 6 hours.

Streamers, and viewers, all calling for a longer ban, called it outright doxing, meaning potentially destroying someone’s life by sharing sensitive information about them. Asmongold has even talked about a perma ban:


Twitch streamer banned

This is an unusual ban for a Twitch streamer. After a $1 donation that included some not-so-nice stuff, the streamer decided to reveal information about who sent her the message. She gave the name several times.


The streamer was banned, while Twitch backed off after only a little over 5 hours. People were sharply divided between those who criticize such behavior and those who fully understand it.

Twitch is unlikely to change its decision again, although who knows? The pressure from these major streamers is very strong.