An unknown Twitch streamer made a fake that 3 million people believed. Massive popularity in one day

A streamer, who is watched by an average of a dozen people each, came up with an idea on how to advertise his broadcast.

There are many ways to gain popularity. One little-known streamer came up with a rather unconventional idea and, interestingly enough, managed to make a name for himself. At least on TikTok, because the numbers from there did not translate into results on Twitch.

The streamer was broadcasting IRL from the woods, only to get an idea at one point about how the broadcast could be made more interesting. This one was normally watched by about 5 people.

The perfect fake

3 million people saw someone following a streamer in the middle of the forest. Actually, it looks quite disturbing:.


The film has been viewed more than 3 million times, and everyone has been waiting for the second part.

The problem is that it looks a bit different in the source clip. Something, or rather someone, is missing there:


Well, the truth is that there was no man there. Moments earlier, the streamer himself was coming from around the trees. All he had to do was combine the two images in a processing program and it seemed that someone was creeping up on the streamer.