Every Twitch user got it. Where to check your own year-end summary for yourself?

Twitch, like Youtube, has already created a summary of the year 2022. Whether you are a streamer or not, you got your report.

Every Twitch user has already received their summary. It is available from a specially prepared page. It doesn’t matter whether you stream or not – you’ll find your stats there.

Twitch Recap allows you to take a look at the most viewed categories, and the most used emoticons, or see how much time you spent on Twitch itself this year.

Summary of the year

To access the summary, go to the special page:

You need to log in there (rest assured, it’s an official site) and that’s basically it. With this you get something like this:

This is a cool option for all regular Twitch users. Seemingly, it is known what categories you watch most often, but here there is no chance to cheat it. If you see pools here, it’s worth evaluating your entertainment sources…