An awkward slip-up by xQc during the streaming. Yoga “activated” a certain body part of his

xQc, one of Twitch’s top streamers, had a problem during his broadcast.

xQc wanted to try to relax, so he started practicing yoga during the broadcast. There would have been nothing amazing about it if it weren’t for the mishap, which went quite viral. Hardly surprisingly, this kind of thing tends to happen to women rather than men.

Usually, it’s the female streamers who have outfits that highlight their body parts. This time it happened to xQc, one of by far the most popular streamers in the world.

xQc’s slip-up during the stream

Here it is unlikely that it was intentional. However, xQc doesn’t have much of a problem with it, the clip is still normally available. Funnily enough, Twitch might consider it a violation of the rules but is unlikely to do so. That would cause a huge discussion.


Well, wearing tight clothes is not necessarily a good idea when it comes to streaming on Twitch. So much for relaxing.