Twitch streamer banned for outfit that didn’t cover anything. When playing games is not enough

This is one of those examples where a career takes a strange turn and playing games doesn’t work.

Many people decide to start their streaming career expecting viewers to show up on their own. Such was the case here. The streamer in question started her Twitch adventure quietly, by playing Rust, among other games.

The problem was that hardly anyone wanted to watch it. So Rust and “Just Chatting” quickly turned into pools. The result, of course, was an increase in viewership.

Thus, from 9 people on the stream it has recently become more than 400, and in the peak there were even about 1,000 viewers going through the broadcasts.

How, why? Well, all it took was controversy and a particular kind of swimwear.

Ban for swimsuit

This is another such case where the pursuit of viewers makes one forget what platform one is streaming on. The streamer tested the limits until she was finally banned. For what? For her swimsuit, which for all intents and purposes covered very little. On top of that, there was also squatting for donations. The front isn’t so bad yet, but you’ll find the “full version” below.

Of course, Exrode also gives full versions, so the ban was imposed for two clips.

  • The first one in the uncensored version – CLICK
  • The second one in the uncensored version – CLICK

Twitch allows swimsuit broadcasts, but it doesn’t work as a magic shield that solves all problems. As long as it works, and we can see that it does, streamers will take advantage of it.