Twitch pool streamers shocked. Bans for bathing suits en masse

It is difficult to talk about any breakthrough, but for sure a few streamers have been banned in recent hours for a reason that did not appear too often before.

Twitch has banned several popular streamers for the same reason – “inappropriate outfit”. This is interesting because Twitch banned women for wearing swimsuits while they were at pools.

One ban is probably for a profile picture – although at the moment a lot of this information is just guesswork. The streamers showed screenshots with information about the ban, but as it happens with Twitch, they are not very precise.

Bans of streamers on Twitch

The most talked about is the Corinna Copf ban. She is a popular streamer who returned to TTV just a month ago.

It is in this case that viewers suspect that it could be a profile picture and an inappropriate outfit on it. Other bans are directly for what happened on the streams.

It is not known whether this is some organized action or maybe the platform simply started to look at streamers more sharply through the prism of its regulations. Until now, everything depended on the interpretation of moderation.