An Easter egg on Twitch that virtually nobody knows about. What happens when you hover your mouse over there?

Twitch is not associated with puzzles, curiosities, or easter eggs. However, the platform has some of them that are very interesting.

Twitch’s creators made sure that it was possible to distinguish the average viewer of streams from those who spend many hours on TTV. One way to do this is to check your knowledge of easter eggs, of which Twitch has quite a few.

Easter eggs are little secrets that aren’t easy to discover. Very few people know about this particular secret, despite the fact that Twitch introduced it many years ago. So you can still surprise someone with this.

Twitch logo

Normally, when you hover over the logo of any website, absolutely nothing happens. In the case of Twitch, when you hover your cursor over the logo, it will “flip upside down”.

Does it work? Yes, it is a real easter egg that is remembered from time to time by various streamers or by Reddit itself. It’s not a big deal, but it’s worth knowing to impress your friends.