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Another streamer mistook Twitch for an adult platform. Ban after a few minutes

It’s hard to say whether it’s intended or not, but one of the streamers who broadcast on Twitch has apparently concluded that there is no point in playing Dead by Daylight anymore.

Such cases happen every now and then. There were a lot of girls in history who were convinced that you can stream 18+ content on Twitch. It quickly turned out to be not true. The biggest slip-up was the Fortnite streamer, who literally turned on the broadcast on the wrong platform. Then she explained that she hadn’t changed it in the settings.

Another such “accident”

This time it’s not about someone who would already be known. Before the ban, the girl did several broadcasts under different nicknames. It looks a bit as if she just broadcasted the wrong thing.

In total, her broadcasts lasted 10 hours, with an average viewer of 6. However, before the ban, she managed to gather 75 followers – most probably at the end of the stream, when the 18+ content appeared on the broadcast.

The stream has already ended with a ban. However, it is not known for how long. The streamer didn’t have a partner, so it’s probably a perma ban. In the case of the aforementioned Fortnite streamer, the suspension was granted for only 7 days.

People are joking that Twitch should add an esophagus exercise category and it would be fine. Others also write that it is just cleaning “kitchen utensils”.