Twitch pool streamer knocked out her teeth during a broadcast. Now she’s crying because she can’t make money

One of the pool streamers suffered an “injury” during a Twitch broadcast. The fall looks quite painful.

It is not the level of a fracture of the spine in two places, which is exactly what happened to one of the streamers six months ago. To date, this is probably the biggest injury that has happened on Twitch – the streamer jumped on the sponges, under which was the floor. The result of this was that she broke her spine in two places, and to this day she still feels the consequences.

This time the injury was sustained by a pool streamer, who is associated more with her OF. Surely, you all remember the advice from parents or other people about not running around the pool. Well, the streamer did not take this advice to heart.

Broken teeth on stream

As far as is known, she ended up chipping three teeth and the final one falling out. Well, a painful lesson that the streamer will surely remember for life. At the same time, this is the only such accident during a pool stream.


The streamer now faces a visit to the dentist and probably a healing process. Chipped teeth are not a big problem, but it’s worse with the one that just fell out. Following her Story on Instagram, it’s clear that the girl was crying hard.

The photos are unlikely to show this, so she can continue to earn money through OF.

Although so looking on Instagram, many of her photos are with a full smile. There may be a subtle problem with this one.