Twitch has unbanned a popular streamer 2 years after her “slip-up.” The girl makes fun of rules

Twitch has decided to unban one fairly popular streamer, who has more than 118,000 followers.

In 2018, Twitch had different rules that could have resulted in a ban like this particular one. The streamer was permanently suspended and only yesterday Twitch decided to unban her.

Normally, one would think that since the ban had been in place since 2018, it was about some slip-up, doing something forbidden, showing too much, etc. None of these things.

Ban as a reason to make jokes

Such long bans are given for various reasons, most often intentional “slip-ups” by female streamers. Women don’t seem to get too many bans for things completely unrelated to 18+ content.

In any case, the female streamer announced that she was coming back while joking about the reason:

If it was a matter of a slip-up with a ni**le, my ban would not have lasted 2 years.

In total, the ban took place in 2018, but its total length is exactly 2 years and 2 months. The reason was a slip-up involving the release of a copyrighted song. So the streamer was banned because of the DMCA – today few people are particularly concerned about this.


The streamer will now be more careful about what she listens to. However, this shows the absurdity of those years. Real slip-ups are granting you a ban for 1-3 days, and releasing a copyrighted song got the streamer cut off from TTV for over 2 years.