Twitch has just suffered a huge drop in viewership. Worst month in the whole year

November, for some reason, was Twitch’s worst month in terms of viewership.

In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint one specific reason, as the platform is unlikely to start collapsing. One could assume a boomer theory that it’s because of the pools, but they’ve been present on TTV for a good few years now and their popularity is unlikely to grow, in fact, it’s declining.

Streamers are also somehow not switching to other platforms en masse, in theory, nothing big has happened, no vacations, no big vacations, maybe just a few days off in the US. And yet Twitch has had a significant decline.

Worst month in 2022

If we look at global statistics for the whole year, clearly November shows a big drop.

December may be similar, as it is, after all, the month of Christmas. The trend is unlikely to continue, although it is certainly worth paying attention to.