Twitch has added a completely new category that will be very popular

A completely new category has just appeared on Twitch.

Twitch has been allowing more and more freedom when it comes to streaming content for some time. The most popular category on the platform for several months now is Just Chatting, which theoretically does not have much to do with games, i.e. the basis of Twitch.

Now another category has emerged that can gain quite a lot of popularity. It is not controversial because it is closely related to animals. These finally have a place to fit.

A new animal category on Twitch

Everyone has certainly seen videos or live broadcasts with animals living in zoos or aquariums once. This is why this new category was created.

Animals, aquariums and zoos

So far, of course, it is not one of the most-watched, but it has great potential. There are a lot of streams with pets and, as their representatives informed, so far they have been taken over by Just Chatting.

It’s definitely a good idea to separate your zoo and animal broadcasts from anything else on Twitch.