Popular Twitch streamers fought each other in the mud as part of a Halloween party

Halloween on Twitch was quite an interesting event when it comes to these most popular streams.

Halloween on Twitch is always fun. Typically, the greatest creators then organize events that involve other streamers.

Now, let’s talk about mud wrestling. This year, creators focused on unusual entertainment, which in the case of streamers turned out to be a bull’s eye. At the moment, the clips from these fights are the most popular.

What did it look like?

It is worth mentioning that the whole action was also charitable. The fight of the evening was a clash between Alinity and a streamer known as Kaceytron. Most regular Twitch viewers should know them.

At its peak, over 91,000 people watched it. The average was 77,000. Of course, the whole thing is quite controversial, but as you can see it worked.


In total, over $ 100,000 was raised for charity.