Twitch banned her for cosplaying, so she set up the pool. 5x more viewers than usual

We recently wrote about a streamer that Twitch banned for cosplaying Raven. STPeach had threatened to buy a pool and as it turned out she wasn’t lying.

Twitch banned STPeach for cosplaying – so far it is not known what bothered the platform in the outfit itself. This one looked like this:


The streamer laughed that all she had to do was buy a swimming pool. Funnily enough, she actually did it.

Stream from the pool and problem solved

The streamer actually organized a stream from the pool and here she could easily show up in a bathing suit. Twitch cannot ban her, because having such an outfit according to the platform is then justified.


And so, STPeach usually has around 1,200 viewers, and the broadcast of the pool had a maximum of over 6.4 thousand. Twitch itself provokes to buy pools, instead of making interesting cosplay.

This is how streamers change from the creative ones (at least on TTV) to those who just prefer to broadcast from the pool and not worry about a possible ban.