How difficult is it to earn money for streamers on Twitch? A donator sent $ 100 for… an empty can

This is definitely one of the weirder donations that went viral quickly.

Situations like this aren’t incredibly rare, but for some reason, this very little thing has grown in popularity. Mainly because it has a specific narrative. Twitch users write that streamers have it really easy – they just need to exist.

And although this is not entirely true, such a slogan is selling well. It is certainly true that smaller streamers often make good money with 100-500 viewers. Mainly because their communities are very attached to them.

$ 100 for an empty can

One of the smaller streamers received a donation of $ 101 yesterday for an empty, crushed beer can. Why and what for? The donator only wrote in the chat that “he has an idea”.

The streamer herself was surprised, then commented in a joyful manner not to put his “equipment” inside, because he might get hurt.


Why does someone need a crushed can for over $ 100? Good question. This story may have an interesting sequel, as long as in a few days (when the can gets to its destination) anyone remembers about it.