This is what an “influencer factory” looks like, simply smiling for the camera on streams

Many people may have come across this short video showing something like an influencer factory. What is it?

For the past few months, footage has been popping up online from various recording studios showing rowdy “boxes” of girls smiling for the cameras. It looks quite creepy, but many people mistakenly assume that it has something to do with Twitch.

The video in question looks like this:


What are you really looking at?

They are not influencers, at least for the most part. These girls appear on special sales broadcasts, which are very popular in Korea.

Yes, of course, there are those studios dedicated to streaming girls who just smile, but this is not one of them. At least that’s according to the explanations of people who follow such content. These sales are made on typically Korean platforms, much more popular than Twitch.

All sorts of things are sold here, by women of course, because apparently, they have more ease in selling what the contract requires. It looks pretty creepy, and it actually is, because it might as well be used for streaming without much purpose other than, naturally, making money.

If something like this were happening on Twitch, it would immediately be picked up by viewers. After all, it’s hard to hide on camera the fact that there are 10 more girls sitting behind the streamer.