This is the end of those most annoying ads on Youtube. Finally, they won’t obstruct the screen

Youtube has officially decided to withdraw one of its most annoying ad formats.

There are a whole bunch of annoying ad formats on Youtube. One of them is gone forever. Youtube has officially confirmed that it will be removed on April 1. One, people complained about it a lot, and two, it stopped working.

Seemingly cool, just the question is what will it be replaced by. It has been present practically forever and has always been just as annoying. Youtube will have to replace it with something. For now, however, there is no information on what specifically.

No more of these types of ads

It’s specifically about the advertisement that is at the bottom of the video. It applies strictly to computers, so few people will notice the difference. Most people on PCs either have ad blockers or don’t pay attention to it at all.

Reportedly, the conversion from this ad was small, so YouTubers should not suffer. All in all, the situation looks like a win-win, where simply the platform gets rid of something that many people found really annoying.