This is how the Twitch streamer makes her bed. A view focused on just one thing

If it weren’t for the title, it wouldn’t actually be clear what the streamer is actually doing. And here it turns out to be making a bed.

Most men associate assembling a bed with a stubborn job, where something constantly doesn’t fit or something goes wrong. One often wears the worst clothes for it, because something is going to tear up.

Meowko took a completely different approach to assembling furniture. In general, it’s beautiful that in many scenes you can’t see at all what’s really going on there. For example, how to determine at all that someone is assembling anything here:


Assembling a bed and maximum commitment

Twitch is unlikely to get a ban for this, although it’s hard to say how the administration will approach it. Especially since it’s not obvious what’s going on here. It’s worth mentioning that this is not some random streamer. There are more than 300,000 people watching her on Twitch.


Still, those weird sounds. Twitch has certainly seen it, but all in all, there is no reason for suspension here in theory.


Maybe only visible underwear, but this happens to many people and there is no ban for it. Well, except in the case of men. Those get bans for “visible outline” for some reason.