This is how Amouranth plays Harry Potter after the content change. Twitch streamer in a peculiar pose

Amouranth, in theory, has changed her content, playing games more, but of course, she hasn’t let go of the pools because “it would be selfish.”

Everyone surely knows by now what Amouranth is all about. She’s the streamer who started the whole pool trend, and there were several high-profile dramas with her, after which she announced that she would not be releasing her pool content anymore.

It was also about not stirring up so much controversy anymore. The problem is that without controversy there is no audience.

Typical way of playing games

Lately, everyone on Twitch has been playing Hogwarts Legacy, so Amouranth decided to take advantage of that, too. Only she’s not a typical streamer, so she doesn’t play the way everyone expects girls on Twitch to play. It’s hard to delude yourself into thinking that anyone is watching this for gameplay’s sake.

Well, unless the camera actually doesn’t matter much here, and the pose that Amouranth takes is completely random.


Of course, a mass of people commented on this, so the streamer decided to address the accusations that despite playing Hogwarts Legacy, it’s still all about one thing for everyone:


It’s funny and sad at the same time because such practices still work. Such broadcasts attract far more people than those where people focus on the gameplay. Well, at the end of the day, it’s the market that verifies the needs of viewers.