Twitch streamer got a sponsored computer. All it took was five minutes for him to…

One Twitch streamer showed viewers what kind of computer he got. Well, it didn’t turn out well.

Twitch streamers very often get something for free, possibly as part of a sponsorship deal. One influencer received an entire computer from the company, which he decided to share with his viewers.

A normal thing, there were such actions in the past. The problem is that at the moment of showing the equipment, it simply fell to the ground. The broadcast was interrupted, and the computer did not return to the stream.

A mishap during a stream

The equipment probably did not break but had some dents. The influencer will definitely remember it for a long time.


Worse, if in fact, the computer suffered so much that, for example, it could not be started. All in all, it would be interesting to see what happens in such a situation – after all, the streamer gets the hardware to play on it, and here, in case of damage to the graphics card or some delicate component, it could be troublesome.