This is how a streamer banned for s*x on the stream greeted fans after being unbanned. How much did she gain from it?

You’re surely familiar with the streamer who was banned for s*x during a broadcast. Well, 7 days was enough for her to come back.

Yesterday, a female streamer who engaged in s*x during a broadcast was unbanned. This, of course, caused great excitement. Why? The streamer was banned for only 7 days, by the way, exactly the same as the girl who “confused websites” once.

The moment after being unbanned

One would have expected that the streamer would have reflect on her situation in some way. Well, it clearly didn’t work. Moments after launching the first broadcast in a week:

Showing clothes is not a big deal, but the whole stream was in this climate. This clip alone has more than 25,000 views. Why does it matter? Twitch, the next time someone is banned, will pay attention to how someone behaved the previous time.

The streamer was unlikely to refer to her ban, or at least no one mentions anything about it. Did she gain anything with this whole action besides international publicity? Before the ban, the streamer was watched by 1.4 thousand people.

The current figure is 4.3 thousand. So the increase is rather small, at least for the moment.

Since the unban, there have been two broadcasts. Their viewership was not amazing.

Was it worth it? It’s hard to say, Instagram has also grown a bit, but not by some amazing numbers. One would expect that more people would want to see the return. Especially since information about the streamer appeared literally everywhere.