Great advice from a Twitch streamer to a disabled boy who is being bullied at school

One streamer has been incredibly criticized for her advice to a 15-year-old boy who is being bullied at school.

Erica is a streamer who, of course, not many people know. She is watched by 50,000 people (although this number is shrinking). Her last broadcast was titled “ADVICE STREAM,” and as the title suggests, the streamer gave all sorts of advice.

One of the people who “came forward,” or rather simply asked for advice, was a 15-year-old boy. At least that’s how he introduced himself in the chat.

What can be done about it?

The streamer was incredibly criticized for her response. She started by telling him to stand up for himself:

“Stand up for yourself, don’t be a little p***y”

Yes, to a 15-year-old disabled boy who is being teased at school. But rest assured, it’s not over.


The Internet is calling for a female streamer to be banned for spreading such views. Can this happen? Yes and no. In theory, she didn’t break the rules, in practice, it could be understood as hate speech. A clip of the situation already has nearly 140,000 views, so Twitch has certainly seen it.

The streamer has not yet addressed the whole situation, but it is clear that people are reacting very negatively to her.

However, it is very possible that the streamer will be banned and set as an example. So far, there is no information on this.