This is how streamers avoid getting banned on Twitch. Making “sounds” while training and getting “stuck”

Twitch streamers are incredibly creative in avoiding bans. For example, they hang their laundry in such a way as to expose their backside.

Twitch forces streamers who want to show off their bodies to be incredibly creative. Hanging laundry, taking it out – all this can be done in such a way as to stand in a very specific way.

Examples abound, one of which is getting “stuck” in the washing machine:


So yeah… this is the norm on Twitch, although it is indeed most often seen primarily among Korean streamers.

It can be done even better

This is still not the pinnacle of possibilities. Another one is to make sounds while training. Here streamers already have to be careful – if they overdo it, they will simply be banned.


And that’s what the Twitch site looks like, which is watched by tens of thousands of people. Why is this tolerated? It’s hard to say. In theory, there is no violation of the rules, but everyone knows what’s going on and why streamers do this kind of exercise.