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The world record on female Twitch has just broken. Over $250,000 only from subs

Subscriptions are one of the most important things on Twitch. Now one of the streamers has broken the all-time record on the female scene.

The world record so far has been around 52,000 subscriptions. kkatamina streamed practically all the time for two weeks, setting a new record.

A new record on female Twitch

kkatamina currently has more than 54,700 subscriptions. This is a huge number, especially since the streamer has not been so well-known so far. She can be associated with such categories as Just Chatting or Valorant.

Her popularity grew after doing broadcasts with the most popular streamers on the platform. She was often accompanied by Sykkuno, Ludwig, or Valkyrae streaming on YouTube.

The moment of breaking the record perfectly shows how quickly viewers bought subscriptions.


54 thousand subs mean a huge amount of money, even assuming that all of them are “Tier1”, then it gives the amount of USD 269 thousand. Of course, the streamer has to give back some, but in the worst-case half of it will be left.