The Twitch streamer shows for which “inappropriate outfit” she was permanently banned for

Inappropriate outfit on Twitch is a very broad topic, as “LivStixs” found out.

One of the Twitch streamers got her third warning, which ended in a permanent ban. According to her, she was not dressed inappropriately, and the website treated her too harshly compared to other streamers.

As we read on Twitter from “LivStixs”, many girls dress much more defiantly, and yet their accounts are not blocked. Did the streamer deserve a ban?

Ban for this outfit

The streamer announces her discontent very vocally, showing what she was banned for. As she writes, this is her third ban, so in theory, it should not end in a perma ban without the possibility of recalling it.

What was the outfit like? T-shirt and shorts. It’s hard to say if this is an inappropriate outfit on TTV, but surely the platform may have found the cleavage too big and the shorts too short. On the other hand, women with more exposed bodies stream on Twitch, so such a slight offense in this situation should not matter much.

It is not known whether Twitch will respond to the streamer’s response at all and will somehow react to it. Rather, it is unlikely to happen.