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The Twitch streamer cried after her viewer returned after being absent for 2 years

We’ve mentioned several times that small communities on Twitch are very close, and this is another example of this.

Third Artifact is a relatively unpopular streamer dealing primarily with MMO topics. At the moment, she is watched by 24,000 people on Twitch. It is not particularly small, but it cannot be said that she is very popular.

Her streams are rarely watched by more than 200 people. She has a small community with which she is very close. Third Artifact has become very close to some people, as shown by her reaction to the viewer who returned after two years of absence.

A lot of emotions

The clip quickly gained popularity, especially after it appeared on TikTok. At this point, it has been viewed over 460,000 times. It is not known to what extent this is a sincere reaction or a desire to stand out.

However, there is no special reason for the streamer to react this way. Only after some time and at the urging of the viewers, she posted a stream clip on TikTok.


This shows that these small communities have something that is difficult to experience on broadcasts where several thousand people chat with each other. Then it is usually limited to mass spam, from which it is difficult to find anything meaningful.