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His brother was secretly subscribed to him on Twitch for 16 months, just for that one moment

A relatively small streamer, watched by 1.6 thousand people, had a faithful subscriber who had a very interesting plan.

Small streamers are usually closer to their audience, a few dozen people in the chat room give more room for conversation and it is normal that popular people usually have worse contact with viewers than those followed by up to several thousand people.

The streamer with the nickname “imvigy” had a loyal viewer who subscribed to him for 16 months. This viewer turned out to be the brother of the streamer, who had a very specific plan – to make fun of him.

And finally, the opportunity arose

Due to the relationship between the streamer and the subscriber, “imvigy” appeared in a dress and a wig on one of the broadcasts. The stream was not particularly popular, such actions took place more than once. Whole context:

It was interesting when the subscriber revealed his identity. The stream’s viewership immediately bumped up, and the clip with the moment when the streamer realizes the situation already has over 100,000 views.


“XD” is probably an appropriate reaction to what happened. A beautiful moment that will be most appreciated by people who have siblings.