The Twitch streamer accidentally showed what he was just watching on the second monitor

Erobb, one of the popular Twitch streamers, had a rather unusual slip-up, showing the screen from the second monitor.

“BOOBA” streams on Twitch are not as popular as they were a few months ago, but they are still happening. The presence of swimsuits explained by the swimming pool still works.

Twitch streamer slip-up

Once popular on TTV was viewing “BOOBA” content. But since judging other people by their appearance is very risky, most popular creators have completely abandoned this trend. This also applies to surveys for “the prettiest streamers” etc.

Either way, Erobb was clearly watching one of the female streams as he showed by switching tabs. People obviously started laughing and the streamer explained that someone had sent it in chat and he just clicked on it.


What is this clip? It has already been removed because it has naturally gained too much attention. However, there are others, from exactly the same stream.


These are completely normal exercises, there is nothing in them that the streamer could be banned for. Swimwear is explained by the existence of the pool (doesn’t matter it’s on the balcony at night), exercise is healthy, and time goes by on TTV.