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The streamers outsmarted Twitch in the most brazen way. That’s how they avoid getting banned

Recently, the “meta” of watching various types of TV programs has appeared on Twitch.

Watching entire television programs is a very complex topic on Twitch that causes many problems. In some countries, it is assumed that if a given thing is on Youtube, you can easily watch it. Nobody will claim the copyright to something that everyone can watch on Youtube – at least that’s what streamers took for granted.

In other places, it has gone a few levels further. It started with watching everything, regardless of the platform, then, the focus was on YouTube, but there were also bans. So something else was invented.

How are bans avoided at the moment?

At this point, 24/7 streams with various series are becoming popular. A large streamer starts broadcasting and watches such a stream 24/7, but of course, has sort of an explanation if he gets a ban. Then he simply explains that he has watched something that is on Twitch.

Some of these streams get banned, but more are about to appear. In many cases, it is directly done to transmit, for example, the Simpsons. In this case, the channel “thesimpsonstv_” has been banned, but the others are working.

There is no evidence that the streamers themselves organize these broadcasts so that they can watch them later, but it has indeed become popular. The biggest streamers no longer watch series on Youtube or from private sources, now they just click on a specific link on Twitch that they “found”.