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Permanent ban for a Twitch streamer for raiding and saying Pokimane has a boyfriend

One of the streamers was permanently banned for his words against the popular streamer – Pokimane.

This is a very unusual situation where Twitch changed the 14-day ban to a permanent one without the possibility of appeal. All of this happened between two people. You will definitely know one of them – Pokimane.

The other was a streamer who barely got a partner. He had it one day in total. During the broadcast, he began to say offensive words towards Pokimane, and finally encouraged “hate raids”, after which the streamer had to stop broadcasting.

This is probably the first such case

There is currently a very loud debate on this matter. Jidion was telling his viewers directly that Pokimane has a boyfriend so people shouldn’t donate to her, and eventually there was an incentive to organize raids against the streamer.


This is a clear Twitch ToS violation. No raid calls are allowed or even the actions of other Twitch partners to be evaluated. Pokimane clearly felt offended by the whole incident, especially the raid. As a result, she stopped her broadcast.


Twitch concluded that Jidion should be banned for 14 days.

Many people commented on this topic that the behavior of the streamer was simply terrible and exacerbated the problem of divisions on TTV between women and men. Twitch apparently agreed as the ban was changed from 14 days to permaban.

The streamer writes that he will get better if he gets a second chance. He also points out that he feels in some way aggrieved, because his ban was originally for 14 days, and only under the pressure of others TTV have changed their minds.