The strangest thing you can order from Dark Web. The worst is this bonus addition

The Dark Web is a place where you can find some really strange products and services. This is one of them.

The Dark Web is a slightly darker place on the web, where all sorts of things are offered. Some entertain, others are really disturbing. For example, there is a special site where you can order to troll a friend or random person in probably the strangest way possible.

One site offers “gnoming,” that is, dropping off gnomes at certain houses. This in itself is quite amusing, while one thing, in particular, can be disturbing.

Everything would be cool if it weren’t for this

“Get gnomed” is an offer of “the best gnoming service in the Dark Web”. What’s the deal with that?

The premise is simple – you order the service, and gnomes are delivered to the designated address. In total, you can send so 500 different gnomes to someone. For example, it looks like this:

The funny thing is that if you pay extra, the procedure for even more trolling is triggered. When someone removes one dwarf, the next day he will meet 2 dwarves in place of the one taken.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so strange if it weren’t for the fact that for another additional fee the service offers to set up dwarves in any location, but inside the house. The only restriction is that there must be an empty apartment or house at the appointed time.

What would TikTok be if someone didn’t try to check it out. Currently, one TikToker has ordered it for his address and is waiting for it to be made.