Streamer finds out why it’s better not to stream on two platforms at the same time

Twitch has recently loosened its rules heavily regarding streaming on other platforms, which has caused a few slip-ups.

Twitch several months ago allowed streamers to do occasional broadcasts on other platforms. So people started to take advantage of this, adding different platforms to their streaming software.

Usually, however, the key was to stream on both Twitch and Youtube, for example. There are also cases where some people had slightly different platforms added as well. This ended very differently, often quite amusingly.

A little slip-up while streaming

The most popular example of this is a streamer who has already scored a few mishaps on Twitch in the past because of showing too much. This time, however, she went rogue, launching two broadcasts running simultaneously.

So the image went not only to Twitch but also to another platform, which was definitely not Youtube or TikTok. The image from TTV is gone, but there is a copy from the latter service. There is even an ad for the channel on Twitch.

Of course, we know that a colleague is asking for a link to the original, so CLICK.

This was some time ago, so the channel is now normally available and there is no ban. This is all the more strange because the streamer has had many minor and major slip-ups. As you can see, it is possible to get out of such situations unscathed.

It’s a little strange that in general the channel supposedly never had a ban, and in the end, the clips starring her are only getting more and more.