Amouranth complained a lot that people were looking at her appearance. Meanwhile, this is how she commented another streamer

Amouranth is some kind of unique case of a streamer who causes strange controversy.

Amouranth is the one who popularized pool streaming, she’s the one who was reportedly forced to stream in swimsuits, she’s the owner of several gas stations and, finally, she’s one of the biggest influencers on OF.

Amouranth some time ago complained a lot that people were only looking at her beauty, not paying attention to her other qualities. Implicit in this was intelligence, sense of humor, etc.

Criticism for these words

At the same time, the streamer said rather unkind things about the appearance of another popular streamer, for which she got hit hard. She is referring to the streamer known as Mizkif. If you are completely unfamiliar with what he looks like:

Reviewing the actor’s photos, Amouranth said:

“He looks like Mizkif if he was attractive. It’s like Mizkif’s genetics could have come out, but they didn’t.”

Well, not very nice, especially when the streamer criticized judging people by appearance and criticizing something you have no control over.