The rates on Twitch have literally gone crazy. You can buy a car for 10 minutes of work

Twitch in the world is doing so well that streamers can earn very big money for a few minutes of work in December.

Already several people have “accidentally” either said or shown the offers they have in the “Twitch Bounty” system. In a nutshell, it’s a system where streamers can find special advertising offers.

Sadly, it’s not available in all countries. It’s a shade, since the rates are abstractly high.

10 minutes of work and thousands of dollars

For example, Asmongold, one of the larger streamers (currently averaging 61,000 viewers) has an offer in which he has to do something for 10 minutes. Potentially just to show some game. For this, he will get $12,000.


Another streamer also showed his offers. In total, he has offers for as much as $7.3 thousand.


Of course, this is the result of hard work, but it is apparent that in December, the biggest streamers can easily get their money for future holidays.