A female streamer is trolling Twitch, taking advantage of the platform’s rules. And the latter can’t do anything about it

One Twitch streamer was banned some time ago for dressing too defiantly. So she took it to heart.

This situation shows the curmudgeonly situation on Twitch. It’s hard to say whether the streamer will get banned again, but currently, everything is in accordance with the rules. In any case, the girl originally broadcast in an outfit that Twitch considered incompatible with the ToS.

A case like many others – the body being too exposed resulted in a several-day block. And so the streamer had two options. Either get over it or start figuring out what to do about it. Of course, the latter began.

Total streaming transformation

How do you get Twitch to start tolerating a little less clothing on a streamer? Well, the solution came very quickly. In theory, everything now complies with the regulations, although it’s hard to say whether TTV will consider it overkill.


One viewer asked what’s the pool for, to which he got a pretty clear answer:

The thing is, if you want to stream in a bikini, or “tiny” clothes, you have to have a pool, because you’ll get banned if you don’t have one. There is no function, these are the rules on Twitch.

And so it goes. The pool is so small that a child could barely fit in there, but it doesn’t really matter. If something is silly and works, it’s not silly. And here it passes the test:


At least until Twitch takes notice of what’s going on. After all, the pool plays no role here, as the streamer herself says.