The most comfortable position for a Twitch streamer to sit at a computer

There are different ways of sitting at the computer. Twitch streamers often have the weirdest ones, mostly to make certain assets visible.

It is known that many women sit on chairs at the computer in really strange positions, often with their legs curled up. Probably everyone is already used to this view, so it does not impress anyone.

However, Twitch streamers, more and more often, are sitting in even different, more interesting ways. It’s hard to imagine that this is in any way comfortable, but it works. Looking through the Diablo 4 streams, one could come across a few gems.

Definitely the most comfortable position

Of course, the forerunner is the well-known Amouranth. She’s the one who started sitting this way, and as a result, streamers found that this was another good way to attract viewers. So watching videos or TikToks is done in this position:


This is perfectly acceptable by Twitch, because after all, there is nothing wrong with it in theory. Playing Diablo with a different outfit:


Yes, this is the change in content that the streamer announced. However, something of the old atmosphere remained in her blood. Naturally, she continues to do pool broadcasts, nothing has changed in this subject, and is unlikely to change again.