The moment when the record for the highest number of subs on Twitch was broken. More than 300,000

Kai Cenat has, as expected, broken a historic record in the number of active subscribers.

Kai Cenat has left everyone far behind when it comes to the number of subscribers on Twitch. The advantage is so large that it’s hard to even compare it.

Kai Cenat has more than 300,000 active subs, while xQc in second place has less than 70,000 – naturally, this is still a huge number, but the TOP 1 is not even approached.

The moment the record was broken

Thus, it is safe to write about the breaking of Twitch’s historical record. It is worth mentioning that a sub of the lowest level costs 3.99 euros. Even if Kai Cenat had a 50/50 split, this is abstract money he will receive in his account for only one month.

This is an achievement that will be difficult for anyone to beat. Maybe only during special events that any of the top Twitch streamers will organize. The best chances are more likely to come from the Spanish scene or someone like xQc, while it will still be incredibly difficult to get close to 300,000 subs.