The moment Amouranth realized she didn’t have to sit on the stream in a bikini

Currently, one of the most popular clips on Twitch is the one with the moment when Amouranth refers to Harry Potter for the socks of Dobby.

Amouranth has based her entire career primarily on pool broadcasts. Now her content is bound to change, in fact it already has. The streamer outright says that she no longer has to stream dressed only in a bikini.

People are still divided. Some believe the streamer was forced to broadcast certain content, while others comment that it’s all one big scam to change her image now so she can make money from other content.

The streamer and her freedom

Nearly 700,000 views have the Twitch clip of the moment when Amouranth realizes she no longer has to sit in a bathing suit.

The streamer compares it to Harry Potter, and more specifically to Dobby, who became free after getting a sock.


Surely Amouranth’s career will now take a slightly different turn than just pool streams or ASMR in a bathing suit or very tight leggings. The question is whether it was actually all due to a toxic husband.