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The maid, cleaning the room, accidentally turned on a stream on Twitch on a channel with 2 million followers

People were able to watch an empty room for hours because the house cleaner accidentally turned on a stream.

Always in such situations, we think of Snoop Dogg and his beautiful streams, where no one appeared for several days. The rapper can still leave the computer on for a few days and just leave the house.

Now JustaMinx, whose channel is watched by over 1.9 million people, has had a similar slip-up, but completely not due to her fault. Her maid somehow turned on the stream. It’s not sure how, but potentially because of Stream Deck.

And so on for a few hours

After turning on the stream the lady just did her job and left.


Quite unusual, funny in a way, because people genuinely didn’t know what was going on. It did not have any major consequences when it comes to the ban. It is known that streaming an empty room can be a ToS violation.