Twitch streamers had to officially apologize for their not very thought-through words

The Botez sisters said something unthoughtful that half of Twitch saw.

The Botez sisters are known primarily for chess, which really blew off at some point on Twitch. Botez sisters are still popular and this is one of the reasons why they found their way to the main page of Reddit. During one of the streams, they said something that did not appeal to viewers and the entire TTV community.

A quick apology after those words

From what they said it could be deduced that, among other things, they supported slavery. The clip quickly gained popularity and was removed as a result. However, more were created, from which various compilations were made.


It took several dozen hours for the sisters to officially apologize for their words. There were absolutely no consequences, Twitch did not react, despite the fact that the matter became very big in media, especially in the US.