The line about a snowman, after which the Twitch streamer herself did not know whether to laugh or cry

Twitch chat is incredibly creative, sometimes there are such texts on Twitch that it’s hard to get offended.

Twitch is a specific place where different things happen. You certainly can’t say that the platform is boring. Every now and then something happens that becomes viral. For the most part, chat users are responsible for it.

Exactly as in this case. Everyone surely associates those not-very-sophisticated texts that streamers get on their broadcasts. This time you can see that the girl wants to laugh, but just can’t.

To laugh or to cry

This text is starting to become more and more popular. It’s not very thoughtful, but it evokes funny reactions. It has a bit of the vibe of those cringe texts on Tinder, but it works.

It has already been seen by more than 1.2 million people, so it is spreading with considerable speed:


As you can see, the streamer looks like she wants to laugh, but iot would be a bit out of place.