The chat perfectly fooled the Twitch streamer. Priceless reaction when she realized

Twitch chat manages to get perfectly in sync when needed. As a result, it was possible to make fun of one of the streamers.

Twitch chat is unique in some ways. Many platforms have tried to fake or clone it, but no one has succeeded. This kind of action proves that it is Twitch that has the most tight-knit community.

Twitch viewers are perfectly familiar with situations in which a streamer forgets and doesn’t turn on the microphone. It happens rarely, but usually, the person streaming will figure it out right away. Well, not in this case.

15 minutes of pretending that everything is ok

In this case, the viewers pretended for a good 15 minutes that they could hear the streamer normally and everything was okay. None of the nearly 2,000 viewers said anything. The result was that hachubby streamed for 15 minutes, constantly talking to viewers, with her microphone turned off.

Of course, she eventually figured it out, but her reaction was beautiful. This is probably the longest-going such joke on Twitch:

Naturally, everything worked out, and the streamer has a lesson for the future to check the preview.