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Streamer caught burglars during his IRL broadcast. The stream suddenly ended

One of the streamers was running a classic IRL broadcast when at one point he encountered two men breaking into a store.

IRLs can be really surprising. The relatively unpopular streamer “jamonitmack” noticed during his broadcast two men trying to enter a closed store. The streamer walked past them and called the police.

The whole thing looked quite scary, especially since the broadcast was suddenly stopped and the streamer did not inform what happened next. At one point he just ended broadcasting.

Thieves caught on the stream

It is difficult to say what happened next and how this story will continue. Surely the streamer has seen someone trying to break into a store. He called the police, then stopped for a moment and at one point the stream ended.


His social accounts are protected, which means that, for example, only people who accept “jamonitmack” can see Twitter entries.

The clip from this event is becoming more and more popular, so the answer to the question of what happened next will probably appear in some time. Today, unfortunately, it is not known how things turned out.