Shots while broadcasting IRL on Twitch. The terrified streamer started to run away to find that…

One of the Twitch streamers was on a standard broadcast when suddenly he heard shots.

One of the American streamers during his stay in Greece had a rather unpleasant situation. At one point, while doing an IRL stream, he heard shots. Needless to say, Americans take such things very seriously.


His friend started to run fast, but it all cleared up pretty quickly. It turned out that someone was making a joke.

A lot of nervousness because of a joke

This is another time when someone practically runs for a rescue, only to find out after a while that the whole action is just a joke. This time it was not aimed strictly at the streamer. His presence in this place was accidental.

As the locals explained, a bunch of guys wanted to scare someone at home, so they came up with the idea of shooting a gun.


Naturally, no one was hurt, because even for a moment there was no threat to life.