She changed her job to McDonald’s, after one day she had to rethink her choice

One TikToker said she would quit her job from home to liven up her life a bit. That’s how it turned out.

McDonald’s is a pretty cool option for people who want to make a living. One TikToker said that boredom had set in in her life, through working from home she stopped going out altogether because she had no need to. So she decided to get hired at McDonald’s.

So far, everything looks fine. Many people give up working from home because they feel they never get out of work, or they become too comfortable. So this is not the first such case in history.

But it goes on to get not very interesting

Positive TikTok turns into not very happy at some point. And that’s why it has become known as viral. It’s hard to say what specifically happened, but the girl was completely broken after one day.



Of course, it’s all the more difficult to get to the source of the problem. We’re talking about TikTok, so the situation may even be a set-up, and it’s worth keeping that in mind.