Risky cosplay on Twitch that could cost a ban. You can see too much here

In recent days, a certain cosplay has become very popular, which perfectly shows what is wrong with TTV.

One of the most popular clips of the last 7 days shows a certain cosplay that many people think is Twitch in a nutshell:

Why. Normally, dressing like this would probably end in a ban. Here, because it is cosplay and appeared at the event, the rules allow it.

A peculiar cosplay

The author of the cosplay is well-known on the web for her OF and photos that show literally everything. Therefore, this is not something new and amazing for her. However, it certainly aroused a lot of excitement among those who attended the event:


Twitch happens to be a place where all sorts of things happen, even this. In 5 days, this clip was viewed a total of more than 260,000.

So if TTV were to ban the channel for this clip, it would have happened long ago. Either way, it was quite risky.