Popular YouTuber in the list of accounts that were artificially boosted on Twitter

The latest report shows that Twitter had a special list of “VIP” accounts getting an extra boost.

It’s not that Twitter has gone completely broken. Fact, Musk is coming up with more and more bizarre ideas, but in the past, a lot of things were wrong too. The difference is that no one knew about it except a narrow circle and employees.

It turns out that Twitter had a special list of accounts marked as VIP. A total of about 35 different accounts were artificially boosted to display to more people. Interestingly, the list also included one YouTuber.

Who was boosted?

Politicians, as well as sports stars, were boosted. While no one should be surprised that political campaigns were helped, it is interesting that of all the YouTubers on the list, only one was included.

According to the “Platformer” website, Twitter was said to have heavily helped MrBeast with algorithms.

MrBeast could certainly do without it as well, after all, he is currently the largest single YouTuber in the world. Ahead of him are only music labels and giants of children’s cartoons. The current TOP 10 on Youtube looks as follows:

TOP 1 is T-Series, but it has been proven many times that views are bought for the channel. Youtube Movies is out, Cocomelon is a children’s channel, and SET India belongs to TV. MrBeast does not have a big corpo behind it, although there have been rumors about that too.